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    God has created each of us to reflect His glory, and I love to capture His handiwork in each of my artistic specialties. Through my photography, I strive to capture wonderful moments and give you breath taking creative images that you will cherish. Through my paintings, I offer pieces that are inspirational, uplifting, and that will also look fabulous on the wall. Through my style sessions, I assist my clients in the selection of clothing, give ideas and offer advice that will encourage and boost confidence so you can recognize your true beauty. As a child, Jen loved art and hoped to be an artist one day. She pursued her dream and received her degree in Photography and Fine Art from College of Charleston. Since then, her work and services have been displayed and used in galleries, businesses, churches and homes throughout the country. Jen loves that she gets to wake up everyday and pursue her dream while helping shift other people's perspectives to see the beauty they often miss. Jen Snyder resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and 2 children.

1st Summer Mini Session Announcement!

So excited to announce the first Summer Mini Session- see below!!!



Yes- I found a real carousel horse this Spring after searching for months.  I have wanted to do this session since last Summer when I saw something similar on a girl’s clothing site while shopping for my little girl. I love the enchanting element of it and letting little girls or boys get dressed up and pretend they are in some kind of fairytale for the evening.  To keep it unique and interesting, I am only offering 6 spaces for this right now.  Please contact me if you are interested and I will let you know what is available.  Stay tuned for another fun mini coming later this Summer!



New Posts are on the way! Been on a moving break!

Wow- I cannot believe it has been a year since I have posted to the blog!! However, I have been keeping the Jen Snyder Design Website up-to-date as well as the fan Facebook page. Check those out if you haven’t to see my full scope of work.  So sorry for the long delay in posts and updates- It has been quite a year and officially we have moved our family and my business to Cincinatti, Ohio! Now that we are settled and unpacked, I am now back to work and inspired.   I have done quite a few photo sessions since our arrival up here, but not enough time in between to officially post.  Over the next few weeks, you will see some of the highlights from my photo work this past year and then new stuff to come.  As far as artwork, I am hoping to start a new painting series this Fall once my little ones are back in school.

Before I end, I am  excited to announce  I will be doing some special themed kids mini-shoots this Summer.  The first one will be in the next post so stay tuned!

Swap Preview #2 – Spring 2013

Hey Ladies-

Less than 2 weeks now for our first Cincinatti swap!  I am excited and have heard we may be having a huge number of swappers coming out for this first party.  You still have over a week to get your items to me, Carol or Erin- March 4th.  Feel free to call and have me meet you as well!

Here is the 2nd preview with some new items dropped off this week- great stuff coming in- These little flats were super cute and yes have nautical seahorses on them and the white dress below is NWT- $150  these could be yours!


Spring Swap Preview #1


Here is the first Spring-Summer Swap Preview.     I will try to update with a preview every week or so until the swap on March 7th.  Each preview is just a couple of many items that are up for swaps that have been already dropped off! We already have a good start and feel free to drop at any point up until March 4th!


First 2 Paintings are ready for the Fall 2012- “The Looking Glass” & “Due North”


I know I said I would not have any new pieces until later this Fall and Winter- but could not contain my inspiration from the Lord and excitement to begin these new pieces, so over the past month I have created the first two.  The verses I have used for my inspiration resonate deeply with my life right now, so creating the piece from them felt so natural.   I also incorporated lots of new vintage treasures in each one to tie in the meaning and give the piece deeper significance and history too! I hope you enjoy and will be sure to keep you posted on the painting in line.  I may just start another one here this week- who knows!!

“The Looking Glass”
24″ x 36″
Mixed Media on Gallery Wrap Canvas- including a 1930′s tube radio cover, 100 year old skeleton key, a vintage pin, vintage sheet music, postcards, letters and more.
“For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I will know fully, even as I was also fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12


Room View- “The Looking Glass”


“Due North”
20″ x 20″
Mixed Media on Gallery Wrap Canvas- including a Vintage Compass, Barrel Key, Patina Copper pieces, Vintage French Postcards, Old Stamps, Letters, Maps and more.

“He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake.” Psalm 23:3


Room View- “Due North”


C o n n e c t
W e b s i t e